What Makes Us Different?

Dedicated To Family

My family makes me smile every day and I want to share that feeling with everyone we get to serve.

I bring all of my children to this practice and have been doing so for years. Dr. Anamelechi is a gem! How rare is it to find a pediatric dental practice AND PRACTITIONERS who are highly competent, engaging, kid-friendly, practical, and expertly skilled. They never judge; they just help!

Kairo R.

We Are

Pediatric Dentists & Orthodontists train up to 3 years longer than general dentists. As a result, our team is highly specialized in the treatment of children, including children with special challenges. From expert children’s oral healthcare to pediatric orthodontic solutions to advanced laser treatments for children with tethered tissues, Dr. A & Dr. Shiva represent the best care your children can receive.

Photo of Dr. Anamelechi with a young patient

we're Playful with a purpose.

A playful atmosphere helps children relax and enjoy their time with us. Not only does it make their treatment easier, but a fun association with dental visits will help set the foundation for a lifetime of oral health.

We Love What We Do.

We love kids. We love to see them smile, laugh and act goofy. We understand when they have bad days. We consider it a privilege to help them learn helpful oral healthcare habits. We enjoy helping parents as their child’s smile grows.

Photo of a teenage patient

We pay attention to details.

Details matter when it comes to your child’s oral health. Though creating an enjoyable patient experience saturates everything we do, precision dentistry is a priority with every member of our team.

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